Travel Agency Info

If you are like me you love to research every location, hotel, flights and more about a destination you have in mind.  It is always a great idea to have an excellent Travel Agent on hand to correct your mistakes, hold your hand and always has connections at hotels for upgrades.

I have been working with Cookie Meselsohn at Courtyard Travel in Great Neck NY for the past 23 years. .  Cookie and Courtyard Travel are always there to answer any questions I have, help with difficult flight segments and always have an upgrade at a good hotel at any budget.  They provide dinner recommendations and the right locations within a city to find a hotel to maximize each experience.


So create a new bucket list and start planning your next creative adventure.  Email me at and I will answer any questions you have to create the experience of a lifetime at any budget.


xoxoxo Happy trails . Jill Friedfertig